The Local Government Economic Services Company of the Local Authority Ltd.  

Chairman of the Company: Mr. Haim Bibas

The Local Government Economic Services Company was established in 1974 with the purpose of providing various services and solutions to the local authorities, including the reduction of costs and simplification and streamlining of the performance of public projects.

The company offers services to a wide range of municipal activities: building educational institutions and public buildings, water and sewage infrastructure development, purchase, transportation, waste and sanitation, business development, entrepreneurship, privatization, insurance and more. 

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Automation technologies group

Chairman of the Company: Mr. Adi Eyal

The company was established in 1967 as an IT company, which focuses on the development and implementation of information systems.

The company provides computer services to the municipal sector and its related bodies, including ongoing support with respect to the planning, construction and operating of information systems. 

In February 2014 51% of the control of the company was sold to "One.1" Company.  

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Israel's State Lottery (Mifal Ha'payis)

Chairman: Uzi Dayan, Major-General (Res.)

Activity to the benefit of social advancement in Israel
Israel's State Lottery was established with the purpose of achieving public goals in education, health, welfare, art, environment etc. The proceeds of Israel's State Lottery are distributed among all local governments in accordance with professional criteria and are subject to ongoing supervision and control.

The management of Israel's State Lottery and heads of local Authorities acts to adapt the goals of the organization for the sake of promoting society in Israel. 

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Dexia Bank

Dexia Bank Israel (formerly known as the Local Municipality Treasure Bank) provides credit to the public sector. The bank is a subsidiary of the Belgian- French Finance and Banking Group- Dexia controlling the Bank.

Since its establishment in 1953 the Local Municipality Treasure Bank has served as a channel for the transfer of funds from the Government of Israel to the local authorities. As such, the bank received transfers and deposits from the government, provided credit to the local authorities and benefited from special fees and low interests.

In the beginning of 2001 the bank was privatized and sold to the European Dexia Group. As of today Dexia Israel is a public company whose shares are traded in the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange, with the Federation of Local Authorities holding 17% of the voting rights in the general meeting and 33% of the rights to appoint directors. 

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Performances LTD [MOFA'IM BAAM]

The performances company FLA was founded by the Federation of Local Authorities in Israel in 2014, in order to coordinate artists’ performances throughout the year, including Israel's Independence Day. By creating organized purchasing power, the company wishes to lower the costs of performances significantly and to prevent additional payments to agents, representatives and mediating companies.

The company’s goal is to act out of a consumer social agenda. The performance prices were published transparently and uniformly, the profits will be dedicated for the benefit of the authorities, and the cost cuts will enable to purchase good performances, for disadvantaged authorities as well.

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Disciplinary Court

The Disciplinary Court operates by the virtue of the Local Authorities law (Discipline 1978). Its’ role is to judge all the employees of the local authorities which offended the discipline and the authority’s image and to draw behavioral norms by leading appropriate and effective deterrence.

The discussions are heard before a panel of three judges includes a lawyer and two employees of the Authority - one from management and one from the employees' organization.   The sentences can be imposed on the defendant and are ranging from reprimand to dismissal.

The Court maintains the proper administration and rules of professional ethics in local authorities and creates a unified policy and adequate punishment.

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Rom Fund 
The Rom Fund is a study fund for the local authorities' employees. Unlike the private funds, which are designed to increase the profits of the private elements who manage them,  the Rom Fund was established for the advancement of the local authorities' employees solely. The fund's finances are managed in Bank Hapoalim, which is an operating element only, whereas the fund's decisions are made by a joint directorate of the Federation of Local Authorities in Israel and the MAOF Union [MAOF – Managers, Employees and Administrators]. 
The fund's management is in the hands of the employees' and employers' representatives, which saves many expenses and ensures that the employees will enjoy a higher monetary credit in their private account. 
This way, the fund maintains low management fees, compared with the high management fees private investment houses and insurance firms usually collect.
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