The Chairman's Words

At the beginning of 2014 the Federation of Local Authorities in Israel (FLAI) hit a new road. We have decided to join hands and act in full collaboration; Large, medium and small local authorities, with various characteristics: jewish, arabs, druze, circassians, orthodox and secular, central and Peripheral cities, to promote the challenges and goals we face.

The local authorities comprise of all aspects of life that involve the lives of Israeli citizens: education, welfare, culture, youth, budgets, planning and construction of cities and settlements and much more.

The Federation of Local Authorities in Israel unites all local authorities in Israel so that they all regard it as both a home and a representative, with a positive image; a body that acts as an influencing source by representing the local authorities vis-à-vis the central government and government offices. The FLAI shall be a professional and efficient body looking after the core issues and central problems of the local authorities' vis-à-vis the central government, in collaboration to bring about achievements to its residents.

Wishing us all to continue the mutual work,

FLAI Chairmen
And Mayor of Modi'in-Maccabim-Reut


Haim Bibas CV



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